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Events for 2021 


The Center for International Law and Policy in Africa (CILPA) is pleased to announce that, for the year 2021, we will be hosting two separate lecture series. The first, in a collaboration with the Sierra Leone Bar Association (SLBA), is a timely Discussion Series on the theme: International Law and Domestic Implementation in Sierra Leone.

The second series, the International Criminal Court Colloquium, is part of CILPA’s Africa and the International Criminal Court Research Project, and is co-sponsored by the American Society of International Law, and the International Nuremberg Principles Academy. The focus of the International Criminal Court Research Project is to advance African perspectives on the work of the world’s only permanent international criminal tribunal which sits in The Hague. Thirty-three African States are currently parties to the Rome Statute of the ICC, constituting the largest regional bloc among the world’s five regions forming part of the ICC system.

The two separate series complement each other. Whereas the first focuses on building capacity of Sierra Leonean lawyers on directly relevant topics, which practitioners may encounter in their work, the second series aims to contribute to the discourse African perspectives on issues of international law on the African continental and international levels. 

Further information on these upcoming series, read here about the CILPA-SLBA International Discussions Series and the International Criminal Court Colloquium. Should you have an interest in learning more, or participating in any of the workshops, we invite you to email us at info@cilpa.org 

Recent Events

Symposium and Book Launch: The Legal Legacy of the Special Court for Sierra Leone on 17 December 2020.

 The keynote speech was delivered by Member of the International Law Commission, Professor at Florida International University College of Law, and author Dr.  Charles C. Jalloh. 


Sierra Leone's Accession to the New York Convention: Significance, Opportunities, Challenges and Next Steps on 25 February 2021.

Read the concept note and program for the event here. The keynote speech was delivered by the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice of Sierra Leone, the Hon. Anthony Y. Brewah, Esq.


ICC Colloquium Series: The ICC Prosecutor Election Process: A Post-Mortem on 29 March 2021.

The roundtable discussion was facilitated by Professor Charles Jalloh with commentary by Angela Mudukuti, Open Society Foundation; Ambassador Sabine Nölke, Chair, ICC Committee on the Election of the Prosecutor; and Owiso Owiso, PhD Candidate University of Luxembourg. 


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