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The mission of the Center for International Law and Policy in Africa (CILPA) is as follows:

To promote the study of the codification, progressive development and implementation of international and regional law in Africa.


To encourage, through teaching, research and publication, the scientific study of and development and dissemination of international law and policy taking into account the needs and specificities of African peoples and African States.

To serve as a forum for informed discussion and debate of current events and issues in international law and African Union law, in particular, including how best to advance human security, human development and human innovation on the continent and internationally.


To foster, through research and advocacy, a culture of respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms as enshrined in various African and international legal instruments.

To bring international law to African policy makers, and African policy makers to international law through the conduct of studies and development of policy options on timely topics with implications for the African region as a whole.


To highlight and promote African perspectives, contributions and scholarship in international law, policy, and justice, including through the provision of high-quality educational programs, seminars, workshops, training, symposia, publications of academic journals, occasional policy papers, books, and other similar scholarly activities.

To engage in any other lawful purpose that may assist in advancing the above goals.

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